About uMarketeers

Born in 2011 uMarketeers has been a leading provider of pay monthly websites and have grown dramatically with over 1,000 customers nationwide and throughout Europe and even as far as Chile, Spain and South Africa.

We have clients that bake cakes in a kitchen up to multi million pound turnover companies all loving the pay monthly option and it’s why we have been market leaders for many years.

We are the original pay monthly website provider and have the capability to optimise your website for your services in your location no matter how competitive your business area is.

We have offices throughout the UK so you know you get the dedicated support you need to get your pay monthly website ranking high without having to explain yourself to multiple people.

  • Personal Web Designers
  • Long Running & Established
  • Down to Earth – We Speak Your Language
  • Email and Hosting
  • Tech Support and Advice
  • Analytics and Webmaster Tools
  • Social Media Integration
  • SEO across all plans

Updates Anytime…

You can email our updates anytime you like with latest news, new services, offers and seasonal offers. We want your updates as this helps us optimise the site and keep the site fresh and up to date. Google’s latest algorithm update says firmly that your site needs to be updated with “RELEVANT CONTENT” so this is why we allow you updates anytime. After all, if you have a summer offer, you want that offer to be on the site within 48 hours and in time for summer, not Autumn!

Mobile Websites…

Your website needs to be responsive or have a mobile site, that is written in law. Google now ranks mobile search separately from desktop search and if you do not have a mobile site, you’ll drop in the mobile site rankings. All our websites come responsive for all platforms or we create a mobile site for you.

SEO & Optimisation…

This has become a bit of dirty word these days, with companies in India, Sri Lanka, Philippines all spamming business owners with “WE WILL RANK YOU PAGE 1 GOOGLE” and all sorts of other ridiculous emails. Optimisation is done mainly on site nowadays, so we make sure that we follow all the right rules for locational SEO. So, using the right URL’s, H1,H2 hierarchy, good solid relevant content, good use of image title and alt text and many other things. Also, as we have over 1,000 websites submitted to Google, we hold natural high rankings with Google, so when we submit a site, we have well earned reputation that money cannot buy. Also, with your updates anytime, you can be assured you’ll be ranking in no time.

Here are the other benefits of choosing uMarketeers for your digital marketing and ongoing monthly plan website.