New Fuel Doctor Geo Location App Unveiled

We have been working with Fuel Doctor for many years to help maintain their brand as the best and cheapest independent fuel drain providers in the UK. Fuel Doctor provides a 1 hour recovery and we needed to ensure that their call system and locational services match these ambitions.

Also, we went a few steps further in creating a geo location app for their call centre so that if a person is stranded and doesnt know where they are, they can send a signal from their mobile that the call centre can pick up so that they can be found with ease meaning quicker calls, more fuel drains and less time trying to work out the location of someone that has just put the wrong fuel in their cars.

Now, with the majority of traffic for Fuel Doctor coming from mobile we had to pretty much design our website for mobile and not for desktop, noting the traffic from analytics that pretty much all traffic is coming from mobile and tablet we needed to make the content easy to navigate and easy to follow for those in a crisis.

So in essence, moving up to WordPress should mean that Fuel Doctor have the future proof website they need to crack on and expand their presence online. With locational pages targeting each main location throughout the UK for terms like wrong fuel in my car, put petrol in diesel car, put diesel in petrol car, mobile fuel drains, fuel drains and variations of the terms around these.

Also, moving up to WordPress means we have control of the server side meaning we have complete control of the speed of the website which is now becoming more and more important to Google in the age of mobile and 4G so ongoing we can carry the site over a CDN (content delivery network)

So it’s still a work in progress as all websites and marketing is but upgrading will ensure Fuel Doctor will be able to compete with the competition ongoing.

If you are looking for a pay monthly wordpress website or own a small business and want to get ahead online with our simple pay monthly plans, why not speak to a member of our team today for an informal chat and join the 100’s of other happy customers making their online presence gain them a good ROI.

Hello Alphamet Aluminium

Alphamet Aluminium are one of the largest fabricators and installers of shop fronts, glass shop fronts, aluminium shop fronts and curtain wall systems in the UK and we have been instrumental in building a new look website as well as providing them with a bespoke digital marketing campaign. Alphamet are part of the alphamet group of websites that includes Bi Fold Doors and Hybrid Systems and they really are starting to work with some big clients in the trade.

Providing onsite solutions like this requires us to make sure that their work is displayed professionally so we have built a portfolio filter to display their work and we ask them to provide us with imagery of before and after pictures as well as current projects so we can keep the website up to date and relevant ensuring the site ranks well ongoing.

The site is built in WordPress and is responsive, no charge whatsoever for the build of the site and we worked out a marketing budget to suit them as this is outside of the plans we provide.

If you are looking for any commercial shop fronts then why not check out their website, click the button below.

Alphamet Aluminium Logo

Hello The Lady Builder!

The Lady Builder are a perfect example of how well a larger company can fit into one of our monthly plans perfectly suiting their business and ultimately ours.

As one of the premier builders West London has to offer, The Lady Builder build stunning home extensions and loft conversions to homes in the catchment areas of South West London and West London. The main areas are Chelsea, Kensington, Knightsbridge, Fulham and the surrounding West London areas.

Originally part of the Wimpenny family, Sue is 4th generation builders and as she puts in her own words, building is in her blood and has been since the founder of the building company in 1884. So, if you are looking for home refurbishments, then The Lady Builder have clearly got the experience and the contacts in the business to work on projects from £40,000 to £7,000,000!

We were tasked to build the site inline with their existing branding, which is pretty lively to say the least. The site needed to showcase the stunning array of projects they have worked on, but really act just as a brochure site for them and to add an enquiry form with ability to upload forms, drawings and photos. The main focus here is to provide digital marketing for their terms in West London as to bring as much visibility to the site as possible across Google and Bing.

Click the button below to check out the site.

Hello Ultimate Limos Leeds!

After working with Acestar Limousine Hire we had been tasked to build a new site covering their more top of the range limos available throughout Yorkshire. We built them a super sexy site that oozes fun with plenty of moving imagery and animation and just as slick on mobile and iPad.

As the premier limo hire Leeds company, Ultimate limo hire provide the best in executive transport for nights out, parties, birthdays, days at the races from Yorkshire, Leeds and throughout the UK. There are many limos available for hire from Ultimate Limos and you’ll love their service.

We loved working with them on this site and look forward to marketing their site throughout 2017 with them on our pay monthly business plans.