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Hello Foster & Co!

It’s that time to shed the spotlight on another client this month and this one is a bit special. Foster & Co have been a client with us for well over 2 years and have 5 sites targeting different services within the construction business in North London and Hertfordshire.

Foster & Co originally had the one site for their construction arm but was struggling against competition from many other competitors for different areas of the business. Foster and Co specialise in Loft Conversions, Bi Fold Doors, Artificial Grass, Home Extensions and other domestic home construction work.

We decided to build 4 sites for each area of the business under the umbrella of the one Foster and Co Group website and then push the business for their locations. Serving North London, Barnet, Finchley and Hertfordshire, these are competitive terms for builders but we are working ongoing to provide them with a full marketing solution along with tech support for emails and a full disaster recovery plan for their sites and software.

Why not check out Foster and Co Lofts for an example site that targets North London and local areas in and around Finchley and Barnet

If you are in the market for some home improvements in the North London area then you’re in great hands!

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