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We get asked all the time about how we operate and how are we able to provide digital marketing services at such a small monthly price each month compared to our competitors that just provide updates to the website. A website over the past 5 years has evolved, there are many many do it yourself websites which makes no sense. You pay a company to build your own website? CRAZY!

No, but for the small business owner and tradesman there is absolutely no need to go down the bespoke website route when you can have one of our responsive designed templates then built and branded for their needs. People spend so much time on the branding that they neglect the onsite optimisation of their website and the mobile website too. When we build your site we make sure every page is optimised this includes using the right header tags, image alt text, url canonicalisation, page and meta descriptions, titles, keyword density and linking structure, we also create a sitemap for every website we build and submit this to our webmaster tools. Now, if you have good relevant onsite content, then these two combined will rank highly with Google and Bing longterm as Google consistently puts emphasis on relevant content.

So, ongoing to really add that digital weight we ask our customers to look at us as their digital marketing company. Imagine if you hired a digital marketer / web designer, a company outlay to employ this one person could be anything from £1.5k – £2.5k per month, more if you have have a talented web designer and marketer. We explain to all our customers that we are that digital marketer that would be sat in your office, but really we are here, in our office. You wouldn’t hire someone to sit in your office and do nothing, so this is why we constantly need updates for the site so we can blog and update with the following:

  • Recent Work

    This can be things like before and afters, very good for tradesmen that may have built kitchens, bathrooms, tiling, plastering, electrical work etc. The before and afters allows us to market your website ongoing for more keywords and locations and helps with the overall keywords for the website.

  • Company News

    Always good to talk about the company, you have hired, new clients, new goals etc, this shows Google you are being transparent within your business, but at the same time makes your business more approachable and less faceless online.

  • New Products & Services

    Over time, businesses change and evolve and one thing we have found after years of providing pay monthly websites to customers is that they can start to move in to different directions. Your website needs to reflect this, so if you are bathroom company that has ventured in to wet rooms too, then we need to add a page and mention this throughout the website.

  • Staff

    Very important, your staff can help you market your website without you knowing about it, having a meet the team page allows your staff to have linkedin profiles that link to your website and mention your website. Also, Facebook and other social media profiles lists employments and these social signals help rank the website.


There are many more, but this gives you an idea of why we need updates to your business on a regular basis and this is what sets us apart from the competition, we have a team of UK based web designers and trained website optimisers on hand to help build your business, we take care of your website and marketing for you so you can get on with doing your own job knowing everything is in hand. This is what makes us the best pay monthly website provider in the UK, well that and we’re all from Manchester, so you get that Northern hospitality.

If you are a small business, we cater for tradesman, kitchens, bathrooms, dentists, interior designers, boutiques, cafes and restaurants. We keep Britain moving! Contact us today for a chat about your business goals and let us help you reach them.

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