5 Simple Digital Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

We all want our marketing to work for our business, but digital marketing can be a minefield for any small to medium business owner in the UK. You are probably amazing at your trade, be that plumbing, landscaping, building, finance or whatever sector you are in. So the last thing you want is then try to become the best digital marketer because you’re probably going to be taking on too much no matter how good you think are, it’s always best to stick what to what you do best and leave digital marketing and web design to the experts.

We thought we would write a quick blog update on what you can do with minimal effort and fuss to help your business break through the noise of competition and make your business stand out from the rest, engage with your audience and ultimately get your customers picking up the phone.

Here are our top 5 simple digital marketing tips to help you win online:

1 – Reviews – Reviews – Reviews

Google loves reviews and uses them in its ranking algorithms, in fact Google uses their own review system to help bring your website up online for locational SEO terms so its always good to get great reviews from happy customers. However, Google also brings in reviews from other areas such as Facebook, Trustpilot, Yell, Rated People, Trustatrader and other verified citation websites, so just go for the Google reviews, spread them around and you will find that when you start to search your business, Google will also index and bring up your reviews.

2 – Be Sociable

It’s hard to rank a website in Google, theres a lot you need to learn and do to achieve this and the likelihood is that you are not going to learn SEO fast, so being sociable is the best to harness the power of social media to display your work, company news, recent projects to people across the social spectrum. We have clients that make thousands just across Instagram after building a following and using good sales techniques to break through like endorsing celebrities, local groups and getting your friends to share your work to their friends and so on. The best social media sites for business we still find are Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter, Google Plus is taking a bit of time, but I would create a Google Plus account anyway as that will link to your website and help rank on Google.

Google loves a sociable business that is transparent so keep being social and Google will index your website and also bring your social profiles in for keywords relevant to your business.

3 – Blogs Baby!

Blogs are a fantastic way of updating your website and keeping you relevant, we add blogs to all our websites as standard as we know you need to keep your website updated constantly. Google uses the power of blogging too to determine your rankings and a good blog with relevant information (like this blog) is providing your audience with knowledge. You can talk about the latest kitchen appliances, plumbing accessories, travel, fashion, anything – no matter what your market or business, a blog is a must.

4 – Youtube & Video Marketing

Oh my word – videos! Today its easy to create videos and post them on to Youtube. Google owns Youtube and understands the power of video marketing. People don’t want to be reading long boring articles, they either want straight to the point information or they want a video explainer video, makes life much easier and Google knows this.

So, if you have video walk arounds or recent projects, news and updates to your business, get them down on a video, upload to Youtube and post socially and embed to your website to drive engagement.

5 – …and finally – Relevance

This might come as a shock or we might be teaching you to suck eggs, but staying relevant is so important to Google and your audience. Google is effectively a very high end directory website, so when users add a query, they want the results to be relevant to their query. This can only be done by ensuring that your content and website imagery and optimisation is relevant to the work you do. If over time your business changes, your website needs to change to adapt to it, this is keeping relevant which is good for SEO and digital marketing.

If you follow these 5 tips, you won’t go far wrong in your digital marketing success, if you have the right web design company supporting your business for the tech side of coding and high end SEO, you will benefit yourself a lot if you are managing your own digital marketing too. After all, its a competitive marketing out there online and with 92% of new business being searched, you need to stand out from the rest.