benefits of pay monthly websites

The Benefits Of Pay Monthly Websites

Have you paid for a website and it’s sitting there in the ether doing nothing? Is your website just an extension of your business card? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then you need to rethink your online strategy. There is no excuse in today’s market to not have a stunning responsively designed website that is mobile ready and really makes people want to spend time on the site checking out your services and products.

Also, there is no reason you should be paying large sums of money to build an informational site, not when there are better options available such as paying monthly with no setup fees and no contracts. Here are some of the benefits of why you should go pay monthly with your website and marketing.

1 – Break Down The Cost

It makes business sense to break the cost of your website AND digital marketing in to one simple monthly fee. If you speak to a web design company and they are charging you more than £500 for an informational site with no optimisation you need to think about going monthly. For around the same price spread out over a year, you could get your website and SEO along with ongoing tech support and blog management all in an affordable monthly cost.

2 – Optimisation (SEO)

When you go monthly, your digital marketing is included and with a dedicated outsourced digital marketing company on your side that can keep up to date with the latest Google algorithms – you’re in safe hands. Google loves rich unique content along with updating your latest news with recent work, services and products – so its in your best interests to keep the site relevant and up to date which is where paying monthly comes in handy!

3 – Tech Support – Your Own Digital Marketing Department

When you go monthly you get a dedicated technical support team for your business. It’s like having your own IT and Web department in your building always on hand for email support, hosting and web support as well as servers etc. In the digital age – you need quality technical support from an established UK company.

4 – Web Design Trends

Another big reason to pay monthly is that web design trends change quickly – it’s like fashion, but online. Being able to bring your site up to date each couple of years with the latest coding and designs is essential to keeping your business online presence at the top of its game. Keep your site looking up to date and great every year.

5 – Business Assurance

People tend to forget how important it is to make sure your emails and your servers are working round the clock and paying monthly is a nice assurance policy for your business. Outsourcing means that you have someone on the end of a phone in case there is an email issue or server issue and if you find yourself having problems it’s only a phone call to a solution.

So, if you are thinking of growing your business risk free then think about a pay monthly website and reap the rewards of working hard on your site to earn the rankings and the enquiries.

uMarketeers are a leading national pay monthly website provider with over 600 customers nationwide and can help your business to be seen with great monthly plans to suit your business needs. Why not contact us today for a chat and get to know each other or call us now on 0161 260 0522

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