Importance of blogging on your website

The Importance Of Blogging

When it comes to blogging, you want to keep your audience in the know with the latest news and products that your company offers. Here at uMarketeers, we blog on behalf of our customers that don’t have the time and the knowledge to not only blog from their site but to also optimise the blog posts properly so that Google and Bing can index this news. Every time you blog, you add relevance and value about your business and you are providing up-to-date news about your business which Google and your audience love.

Here are 3 reasons why blogging from your website is very important.

Keeping Your Website Relevant

Keeping your website is key, you might run a plumbers business in Manchester and offer certain service or product. Now if a couple of years pass and you now offer more services, but your website has not been updated, you could lose business. So keeping your website relevant is key to ranking and attracting new customers.

Letting Google Know Your Still Alive

If you have a website and don’t update regularly with blogs, news, articles, images, project images etc, Google will probably end up archiving your site which will drop down the rankings in time and your competitors who are regularly updating will eventually rank higher in the serps than your site.

Integrate Socially With Facebook & Other Social Media

Blogs are great to get out there on Twitter and Facebook, people today want news fast and direct. If you blog from your site, you can then post this across social media and direct traffic from social media to your site. If your news is relevant and applicable, Google recognises this with the bounce rates and engagements in Analytics and will also help in ranking.


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