uMarketeers Launch AMCO Estate Agency

We love taking on a challenge and working with AMCO has been great from planning to completion. AMCO are a major property lettings company in Manchester working out of their office in Prestwich and have two core divisions to the company. They have residential lettings and commercial lettings and needed to convey the separate message in two separate websites rather than combining both in to one website.

They needed to be able to load their properties in to their portal and for it to appear on their site to save time so we developed this using data files to work with their vebra system.

AMCO also have a monthly digital marketing plan with us to look after their sites and make sure that they are fully supported with hosting, technical support and ongoing SEO for Manchester keywords at which they currently rank highly for locational and Manchester terms.

If you are an estate agent looking for a great presence on the web at an affordable price then why not get in touch with us today and talk to a member of our team.

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