uMarketeers Launch Recovery Focus and Richmond Fellowship Sites

uMarketeers recently worked on both two large scale website projects for Richmond Fellowship and Recovery Focus in which we brought about a migration over to WordPress from Drupal.

Richmond Fellowship are a long established mental health charity helping people with all ranges of mental health problems and with an aim to work towards a society that values everyone with mental health problems.

Richmond deal with varying hosts of mental health issues from things like substance misuse, people in crisis, domestic problems and more general mental health problems like depression and anxiety. Our goal was to build a site that was not only easy to navigate, but also easy for the many staff and authors to manage the site ongoing.

With Richmond Fellowship having so many locations throughout the UK they need to be able to manage these locations through the website and having dedicated pages allows them to do this.

Also, Richmond Fellowship continuously have volunteers that get involved and many various fundraising events going on throughout the year so it’s essential their blog is easy to navigate and manage.

For more information on Richmond Fellowship and their range of services please visit the site

Richmond Fellowship Mental Health Charity

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