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Understanding Google Links Schemes Rules

It’s nice to get something straight from the horses mouth and with link schemes there is nothing more concrete than Google telling us what we need to know about them. We thought we would share the link with you in this article so that you better understand why we also say good relevant content is key to ranking your website and giving off good signals to Google will place more confidence in your site above your competitors.

Why not read Google’s rules on link schemes and take time to think about the golden rules about how your website will rank better using the following:

  • Good relevant keywords and up to date content – Blogging latest news & products.
  • Good use of social integration and updating social feeds.
  • Good reviews – Especially Google reviews.
  • Use of Google My Business (great for locational SEO).
  • Clean website code and good use of onsite optimisation.
  • Mobile Ready – 65% of all traffic is here, don’t get penalised.

There are many other factors, but if you stick to these top 5 as your core, then you will succeed online for your chosen locations. We have been working with Google for many years and are always keeping on top of their latest updates so you don’t have to!

Aron is the MD of uMarketeers and Director of Yuuzuu, having worked in digital marketing and web design for many years he currently works with over 600 companies in supporting their online strategies. 





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